“en formidabel bog”Jens Ramskov, Ingeniøren 

“den går lige hjem”Maria Helleberg, POV International


My book “SHELL BEACHthe search for a final theory” is a book about modern theoretical physics, about white water kayaking and about our search for ultimate answers.

In my book I take the reader on a tour through contemporary high energy physics and through various research communities such as non-commutative geometry and loop quantum gravity – communities which I have been a part of during the past two decades. The book is about physics, but its also about the physicists, those who do the searching — why do we work so hard to find the final theory and what do we expect to find?

My book has just been published in a Danish edition by the publisher Montagne. It can be purchased at various Danish booksellers such as Arnold Busck, Saxo, Bogreolen and others.