The Metric Nature of Matter

In a recent series of papers [1-3], we have discovered a connection between non-perturbative quantum field theory and the (noncommutative) geometry of configuration spaces. In this post, which has also been published on the noncommutative geometry blog, we would like to outline our findings in a non-technical manner intended for readers, who are familiar with…Read more The Metric Nature of Matter

Newsletter No. 6

Newsletter  - for the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign A THEORY OF EVERYTHING 18.05.2019 Hi everyone! Its time for a newsletter. Since I wrote the last newsletter a few interesting things have happened. First of all, my book is scheduled to be published in Denmark this spring — I’ll write more about this in the following —…Read more Newsletter No. 6

Quantum or classical: which is primary?

In the following I would like to discuss this question: when we search for a fundamental theory, what relationship should there be between the quantum and the classical? Or put differently: which one is primary, the classical or the quantum? The operational arrows of quantum vs. classical Let me try to explain these questions by…Read more Quantum or classical: which is primary?

Noncommutative Geometry and the Standard Model of Particle Physics

In the following I will discuss what I consider the most fascinating and intriguing development in theoretical high-energy physics in the past some forty years, namely the research field known as noncommutative geometry. The core business of noncommutative geometry, which is pioneered by the french mathematician and field medalist Alain Connes, is is to produce…Read more Noncommutative Geometry and the Standard Model of Particle Physics

Newsletter No. 10

05.04.2021 Hi everyone, it’s time for a newsletter. A few things have happened since my last newsletter, both concerning my work with Johannes Aastrup and concerning other things. In the following I will try to cover it all.  Also, I am going to write something about our research from a birds eye perspective: the broad…Read more Newsletter No. 10